Get Your Message Out!

A good way to get business is to remind people you are:

  1. planning a sale
  2. introducing a service
  3. incorporating a new technology
  4. opening another branch
  5. changing your menu
  6. staying open late

And a good way of reminding them is by using direct mail.

That's right! Even in today's world of e-marketing, direct mail when handled intelligently is effective, affordable and could have blockbuster results for you.

At Printstars we've incorporated a whole new direct mail system we like to call "Get Your Message Out".

It includes choosing and ordering the mailing lists that make sense for your business and using a special mailing technology to address, bar code and get your messages into the postal system.

And that includes self-mailers of all kinds, envelopes of all sizes, regular and out-sized postcards and packages.

We can even help you save on postage to the point where that savings can offset other costs you might incur getting your message created and produced.

Get your message produced.

Because Printstars has been in the business of "manufacturing messages" for more than 30 years, we're also expert at printing, cutting, scoring, folding, binding and stuffing everything from invitations to flyers to menus, to journals to newsletters to posters to brochures to pamphlets to invitations. And that includes black and white jobs, two-color and four-color processes.

Our expertise also comes in handy when its time to choose paper stocks, colors and the like.

All we need to move into the production stage is your written and art directed message.

Get your message created.

Speaking of having your message written and art-directed in such a way that blockbuster results are a good possibility, we also have a creative marketing division called PMG. It's staffed by experienced professionals whose experience includes working with all types of businesses—even non-profits.

PMG would come in for a sit-down with you. You'd describe what you have in mind, or what opportunities (or problems) you believe need to be taken advantage of (or solved) and they'll suggest solutions. Once we're on the same page, we'll provide you with an estimate of what it will cost to develop your marketing message and with your approval, PMG will get started.

So whatever aspect of the marketing communications process you're looking to embark on:

  1. Getting your message created
  2. Getting your message produced, or
  3. Getting your message out

We can provide you with service that should improve the level of results you're looking for.

The best way to find out more is to email Steven Lohrius, or just give us a call. Steve, or a Printstars account manager will contact you promptly during business hours.

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