About the printing stars

35 Years of Excellence

Since its inception more than 28 years ago, Printstars has evolved from a corner stationery printer and copy shop to a multi-locational, high speed digital and analog printer / mailer equipped to produce everything from single color business cards to full color newsletters, fundraiser packages, flyers, brochures, journals and nearly anything else you can think of that’s printed on paper. Additionally our wide format and finishing departments create signs and banners in full color or black & white. We complete projects cost effectively, in singularly short turn-around times.

While continually upgrading production capabilities we have educated existing employees on the requirements of our ever-changing technologies while supplementing those personnel with technologically savvy team members to ensure that we will
always ride the crest of the endless wave of technological advancement.

We think it might be easier for you to evaluate where Printstars is a fit for you and your organization if we highlight the breadth of services we provide and give you some thoughts as to why you would want us to provide those services for you.

These seamless services enable us to create unique programs you might be interested in such as our “Get Your Message Out” marketing program. With this program, we can print, finish, CASS certify, address, tray, sort and deliver your materials to the Post Office in 4 days or fewer, whether a postcard, a 12-page saddle-stitched newsletter, or a self-mailer four color brochure. We do all phases of production in-house, so we control production time. Because we have an accomplished graphic design staff, we are also happy to create unique marketing materials for you.


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